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Just Me...

Crooked teeth.
Chubby arms. 
Awkward faces. 
Flabby stomach.
Big legs.

This is me. Every day of my life, I look at myself and I think at least one of the above.
I realized that my profile picture for my photography site couldn't be an Instagram selfie. So, I booked a photo session with a family member.  I directed the shoot, I was like the Clint Eastwood of the photo shoot - but the real star was Ashley who made me feel like I wasn't dumb.

It's hard for me to look past that horrible list above, but the more I look at these photos all I can see is the fun we had making them.  The jokes, the grassy knees and fitting a big old yellow coaster bike in the back of a tiny red beetle.

Thank you Ashley for making me see laughter and not that horrible list above.

Just laugh. It feels better.

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