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New Camera...

I finally upgraded my old camera.
It's been a great nine years, but I am on to bigger things.
I can't have a camera that decides nine years and two weeks is long enough to live and crap out during the wedding I am shooting in a few weeks (*gulp*).

I bought my old camera refurbished and it has been good to me for these past nine years.  I'm very thankful for that. I noticed during my last session it was starting to slow down a bit.  I'm not sure if it was just the card, or the camera itself, but it really put in perspective how important it is to have a back up camera if I am going to be doing weddings or events.

I can't say I love the new camera yet.  My bank account is still in shock and I am still nervous that I can't really afford it - but the new camera smell is pretty dazzling.

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